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Our S-7A Tactical Compensator is styled in the fashion of the A-2 Flash Hider and it includes wrench flats for easy removal. 
The S-7A is a great addition to any AR/AK Platformand are available  Black Oxide (BO) FOR $80.00, Stainless Steel (SS) FOR $90.00 and Satin Stainless (SAT) FOR $95.00. Click on the image below to order.

Our .223 / 5.56mm S-7A Comps are threaded 1/2"-28TPI

Our .300AAC Blackout  S-7A Comps are threaded 5/8"-24TPI

Our .308  S-7A Comps are threaded 5/8"-24TPI

Where our

Our 7.62X39 AND 7.62 X 51-54  S-7A Comps are threaded M14-1 left hand, where our S-7AC .308 is threaded M15-1 Right Hand and all are available  Black Oxide (BO) ONLY.

S7A76239141LHBO (AK-47)
S7A7625154141LHBO (Zastava/Dragunov)
S-7AC308151BO (CETME, HK- 91, PTR91)
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