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Accuracy is why our S-7 Compensator is not just a "Muzzle Brake"

Here are the reasons we call it compensator and not a Muzzle Brake:

 1. Accuracy - Our patent pending seven port Axial design combined with our intersecting radial ports allows us to deliver an almost vice-like stabilization of the barrel resulting in reduced harmonics giving the shooter greater accuracy unlike a Muzzle Brake.
 2.  Felt Recoil - Our Cartridge-specific muzzle energy to determine Port sizing ,unlike muzzle brakes, that are primarily designed only by bore / caliber size. Thus, our S-7 Line is more efficient at utilizing the expanding gases which gives more control over felt recoil.
 3.  Blast - Our compensator utilizes  perpendicular radial ports reduce blast to the shooter unlike many muzzle brakes that have a slight rearward cant directing the blast back to the shooter.
 4.  Gas Control - Finally, our recommended gap spacing allows for adjustment via a shim kit to compensate for using different rounds of various weights and lengths. The Gap between the tip of the  muzzle and the inside wall of our Compensator also allows the gases to wrap around the projectile and exhaust away from it eliminating tail whip on the projectile
 We stand behind our patent pending design with a full money back guarantee.  We are sure our S-7 line of compensators are the most accurate Compensators on the market today.

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