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The S-7 compensator, The Gunsmith and The Shim Kit

A little about our product from a technical side. We offer five basic designs for our compensator line, the S-7A/B/V, the S-7-T, and the S-7TR. The S-7A version is more for tactical/semi auto rifles that are factory threaded. The fact that most  5.56 NATO barrels are Mil Spec, the typical 1/2" crush washer can be used. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. We recommend that a qualified Gunsmith install the compensator. The reason is, all of our compensators are muzzle energy specific, so they can be tuned to the rifle. The use of shim kits is recommended  to achieve the desired gap space. Aftermarket threads are to be cut to allow for the minimum gap between the inside of the S-7 Compensator wall and the tip of the barrel (as noted on the back of all our packaging), then shim kits can be installed  accordingly. Below is a chart for our different model numbers and minimum thread length and Gap Spacing.

 We recommend measuring all factory / aftermarket threaded barrels for Overall Thread Length as not all barrels are threaded the same length.

To ensure a proper GAP distance, then measure the depth from the "Barrel End" to the "Inside wall" of the compensator. Then subtract the length of barrel thread from the depth, this is your GAP. (Note: GAP is the distance between the inside wall of the compensator and the tip of the barrel.)

Install the proper diameter "HBTAAC" crush washer or "Gemtech" shim kits (between the barrel bearing edge and the compensator "Barrel End" to adjust the Gap to the desired Gap space. Remember our preferred installation timing is 1 set of holes at the 6 o'clock position (Bottom of Barrel). Both GEMTECH Shim kits and our line of Crush washers are available on our webstore. Click below to order shims or crush washers.

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