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"For Shooters, By Shooters"

Our S-7 Compensators are carefully designed, tested and manufactured in America. Veteran owned, we are not guys that are not in this for profit, but we are Patriots.  Patriots that Support the 2nd Amendment,  our Military, our Veterans, and our Law Enforcement. Patriots that love Our Constitution and want to help YOU be a better shooter.

As Eastern Pennsylvania's top online manufacturer and retailer of precision compensators, we can offer you the best price on hunting and target shooting compensators. We specialize in the production of the S-7 compensator which will take the average shooter and make him or her into a marksman. 

   Our Company was started because we were tired of inferior products by other manufacturers. So, in true American fashion, we said "If you want some thing done right, do it yourselves" and we did. Our first product, the S-7  is available currently in 5.56/.223 , .300 Magnum, AK- 47, the Zastava in .308, the .308/.30-06 in bolt action, the AR-10, the .300 ACC Black Out, 7mm Magnum with more coming soon. Check out our PRODUCT page for our complete product line. The one thing our compensator does that no other one does is: It increases accuracy. Yes it does....Our Patent pending design envelopes the projectile with a cushion of gas as it passes through the comp. All the while stabilizing the barrel and reducing recoil.

   We have seen first hand the finished products of other companies out there and there is a
lot of inferior Garbage that you can waste your money on.  Products being made and never being finished. We have seen sharp edges, burrs, and gouges. Then you have the "Cool Looking" ones, and finally the compensators that are being made in China.

   We stand behind our products because we use them too. Like you, we want  gear we can
rely on when hunting or target shooting. That's why we’re the best place in town and on the
WEB to come to for the pinnacle of all muzzle devices. It is perfection - from one Shooter to another. For more information feel free to

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