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HB Tactical Accessories S-7 Compensator- When Accuracy Matters Most

HB Tactical Accessories-           Our S-7 Compensator

Not Just Another "Muzzle Brake"

Our S-7 Family of Compensators is 100% American Made and is patent pending. Our patent is based on the fact that our Compensator increases the inherent accuracy of any rifle. People ask us all the time: "How is your S-7 different from a Muzzle Brake?" 

Our S-7P is Here!!!!

OUR S-7P Pistol Compensators are available in 9mm and .357 Sig, 1/2"- 28 TPI, WITH Crush Washer Included.

S-7P BLACKOXIDE $60.00 (Coming Soon)


"For Shooters, By Shooters."

We designed it because We wanted it

We too are Shooters,  not guys just in this for Profit. We are Hunters, Target Shooters, and Patriots. We love Our Constitution, and our 2nd Amendment. We designed our S-7 because we wanted it, now WE want to help YOU be a better shooter.

Introducing the McLean HD1 Sling by McLean Corp USA. 

The highest quality sling system available.

The McLean HD Sling enables shooters to convert the sling and be ready to fire in less than one second. It features a new length adjustment system and a patented quick release device enables a shooter to convert the sling from a dual-point sling to a single-point sling and be ready to fire without ever taking your eyes off of your target.

Please note: effective June1,2017, there will be a manufacturer's price increase to $74.99.

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